Welcome to Dunstan Doodles. Across this site you'll find lots of my icon artwork. Original pieces and prints of stars from the worlds of music, sport, film and TV. There's also some collages and (should you fancy a nosey) my work portfolio, which contains some of my recent design and illustration work.

Over the past few years I've been doing lots of portrait commissions, collages and illustration projects for businesses and folk across the UK. I've also illustrated two children's books (Alligator Snaps and Haiku Zoo : Lion) and worked on poster, brochure and web art for a number of record labels, musicians and comedians.

The majority of my work is organic. By that I mean there’s hardly any digital trickery, mainly because I'm not a huge fan of Photoshop, but also because I like the feel and smell of non-digital art. I enjoy working with pencils, pens, scissors and glue and frequently incorporate elements of collage into my process.

There are dozens of prints to browse through across the site, but if you'd like me to do something original for you (I'll have a pop at anything no matter how bizarre), get in touch.

Some originals of the prints on this site are also available.

Please message me via the Contact page with any questions or requests.