New 'Invisible Man' artwork design

My friend Marc Parry has recently secured funding to create a new street theatre show based on H.G. Wells', The Invisible Man. 

Marc has been working in outdoor arts and street theatre for nearly 20 years and the funding comes from the fantastic Without Walls outdoor arts consortium. Over the next few months he'll be embarking on a lengthy process of development, pulling together ideas that have been bouncing around in his head for many years, before eventually taking it out on tour across the country (and maybe even further afield too)! 

I'm going to be creating a number of designs and posters for the project and last week I finished the first piece for Marc. It's essentially an initial image he can generate some interest and intrigue with - something he can share as he launches the development process of his show.

Check out the design below and keep your eyes and ears peeled for more information about the show over the coming months:

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