Paul Weller Triptych

Over a year ago a friend of mine got in touch to enquire about an A2 sized Paul Weller themed portrait. Instead of a simple study though he wanted something that encompassed Weller's career from The Jam and the Style Council through to his solo work and present day status as a 'national treasure'. After a few emails back and forth we decided on a triptych idea - three portraits in one piece, showing Jam Weller, Style Council Weller, and Weller now. I followed up that idea with the idea of a white tiled background as a nod to the cover of The Jam's debut album (which celebrated it's 40th birthday last year).

Then I got a bit ill, got better, had some other urgent projects to work on and it stayed on the back burner for a few months. Then, early this year I finally got to work on it. I won't lie, it took ages. All the background tiles are individually cut out, laminated and laid out. The placement of the Weller trio also meant quite a lot of trimming, so the original original is even bigger. 

The commission was a great learning experience for me as the detail and more likely than not, the gestation period meant the original piece has lots of nice textures and details to it - and a few new techniques.

Scanning the piece has proven impossible as it's so thick (about 1cm) so prints are available in A4. This means the detail is even more intricate in places which I'm pleased with - maybe it's a bit of serendipity at play or something!


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