Psych Icons exhibition - what's next?

Last Thursday's Psych Icons exhibition was a really enjoyable night. Much beer and gin was quaffed and I'd like to thank Cold Water Swimmers, Control of the Going and The Cornelius Crane for three absolutely spot on sets. I don't think I've ever been to an art exhibition with live music before and it worked really, really well. I'm not sure staring at art for four hours would've had quite the same effect!

It was great to have articles on a number of websites prior to the event too, like Creative Tourist, I Love Manchester and Northern Soul. There's also been a lovely post event write up on the XS Noize website which you can read here.

I didn't take any proper photos of the event, which was an oversight caused by panic, but there's a little snap whipped off Twitter below and a promise that next exhibition there'll be even more fun, photos and music!

But, what's next? You tell me. I have a few ideas... a collection of British comedy double acts maybe? A collection of CBGB's music icons (Debbie Harry, Iggy Pop, The Ramones, Television etc) - it's their 45th anniversary this year.

I'd certainly love to exhibit some of my remaining psychedelic icons somewhere else in Greater Manchester that's for sure. So, if you're know a place that'd love to see my artwork on it's walls give me a shout!

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