Welcome to the new, improved Dunstan Doodles site

Hello there. Thanks for dropping by. This is my new site.

There are dozens of prints available - portraits of tv, film, sports and music icons, collages, cartoons and more.

If you're looking for someone to provide illustrations for your book, your magazine article or your website, leave me a message.

I love commissions too. Whether you're after a unique portrait of a hero, cultural icon, loved one or friend, a cartoon you've always had in your head or idea you've always wanted to bring to life - I'll take on any challenge.

I'm also eager to branch out into other areas - character design for animation, storyboarding for film, product design, commissioned art for businesses looking to add a bit of excitement to a dull office wall or staff portraits to bring character to websites and meeting rooms.

I'm available for any project, no matter how bizarre (or indeed normal) it may seem. Have a browse and get in touch.

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