'Dead Captain' EP cover design

Work Portfolio Piece, Not for sale
'Dead Captain' EP cover design

Cover design for Dead Captain's debut EP (2017)

10" x 10" - inks, pencils and magazine collage

Like the Tameside duo, Dead Captain, my initials are also DC and this logo inspired cover design was something I toyed with when launching this site. In the end I went with Dunstan Doodles as opposed to my full name so the idea lay in limbo until this design popped up. I wanted something simple, striking and to a certain extent curious. If there's a curiosity there then my guess is that people may go beyond staring at a design and actually listening to a song. I've always been a fan of blackmail style lettering too - it's so immediate and eye catching. I guess we've got the Sex Pistols to thank for that.

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