'Mustard Mountain' illustration

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'Mustard Mountain' illustration

Back in Autumn 2017 I worked on a new illustration project for Mustard Research in Manchester. The project was called 'Mustard Mountain' and involved me illustrating an alpine mountain with 30+ characters on, all doing different things. With the idea of using the illustration in brand research projects with consumers.

My first task was to create male and female Mountain People - something fun and cartoon-like. The client and I both wanted to use colours associated with Mustard Research so the outfits are predominantly mustard yellow, bright red and light and dark blue. As they were 'mountain' people I went for outfits associated with lumberjacks and people working outdoors in the countryside - lots of denim, thick cotton shirts/blouses, boots and braces. It was important to have the characters as identical versions of the two initial character designs too, for the nature of the research project.

Once the client and I had decided on all the different things the characters would be doing on the mountain, I worked on illustrating all the characters and props and then along with a digital designer went about designing the mountain, and placing the characters onto it. The layout chopped and changed a little bit but came together prety quickly once all the illustrating has been finished.

It was a really enjoyable project to work on and I'm now eager to take on similar projects for businesses and agencies. 

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