'The Haiku Zoo' sample illustration #1

Work Portfolio Piece, Not for sale
'The Haiku Zoo' sample illustration #1

Illustration for 'The Haiku Zoo: Book One' (2017)

A3 in size - Inkspencils and collage

This year (2017) I got the chance to illustrate a children's book for the author, Mark Watson. All the artwork I illustrated was done offline, combining illustration with collage. I aimed to create something similar to the illustrative styles of books I grew up with in the 70's and 80's. Each illustration in the book goes alongside a haiku and with this particular piece I wanted to create a bit of humour with the lion having a 'stare off' with a picture of his 'legendary enemy', Hercules. Doing 95% of the work on the book offline meant the process took a bit longer but I'm really happy with the finished product.

You can buy a copy of 'The Haiku Zoo' here.

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