'David Lynch' print

Dunstan Doodles

'David Lynch' print

David Lynch portrait (2017)

A5 in size - Inks, pencils, magazine collage and coloured card.

Signed and numbered edition of 30.

Available as a high quality giclee print on matt-finish smooth rag paper.

Back in February 2017 I got given a commission to illustrate three film directors - David Cronenberg, John Carpenter and (as seen below) David Lynch. The brief was to mix in some collage elements into all three portraits. I was also asked to make them A5, which is a fair bit smaller than I usually work. I really enjoyed doing all three of them and all three have ever so slightly unsettling elements to them and contain a handful of film references too. I've drawn Lynch before and I knew I'd enjoy another pop at him. The collage element was also something I relished as I always love mixing up old fashioned pen on paper illustrating with elements of collage - so much so I guess it's become one of the ways I describe 'my style'. All three commission pieces are now available as limited edition giclee prints.

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