NEW PRINT - 'Manchester Icons'

Dunstan Doodles

NEW PRINT - 'Manchester Icons'

'Manchester Icons' collected (2018)

Available as an A5 or an A4 high quality giclee print on matt-finish smooth rag paper. Mounted versions also available.

Between 2013 and 2017 I sporadically worked on fifteen portraits of Manchester Icons. All of the finished portrait subjects come from the world of entertainment and this collected piece acts as a lovely conclusion to the project. Manchester has been my home for many years. I first came to live here in the mid 90's and many of these icons are very dear to my heart as they had such a profound impact on my life growing up (and illustrating them was the catalyst for all the portrait work I've done since too). Musicians like Ian Brown, Mark E Smith and Noel Gallagher wrote songs that soundtracked my youth. Comedians like Caroline Aherne, Les Dawson and Victoria Wood filled me with chuckles as both a child and adult - and all these people helped shaped the city I love. It's great to have all of the portraits together in a print finally. It's a project that charts a very happy time in my life and acts as my little ode to the city.

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