'Frank Zappa' print

Dunstan Doodles

'Frank Zappa' print

Frank Zappa portrait (2016)

A4 in size - Inks, pencils, coloured card and flowery wrapping paper.

Signed and numbered edition of 20.

Available as a high quality giclee print on matt-finish smooth rag paper. 

Original cut and paste illustration also available to buy - email me at dunstancarter(at)gmail.com for info.

My wife, Rachel is a Frank Zappa obsessive. She's learnt half a dozen of his songs on piano, watched every documentary on him ever made, baked Zappa tribute cakes for fellow obsessives, and she's pretty much forced me to concede that I like at least 3 or 4 of his albums. He's a great person to draw and I've doodled him many times for birthday cards and CD inlays etc. My original plan was to to a portrait of Zappa and Captain Beefheart together but I couldn't get it just right so I ended up doing with two separate illustrations, both in my usual cut and paste portrait style and with a bit of collage thrown in for effect... And the wife likes it, so I'm happy.

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