'Ingress' - original collage

Dunstan Doodles

'Ingress' - original collage

Ingress (2018)

A3 in size - Magazine / book collage.

Only available as an original piece (on mountboard, in a white mount and a black frame).

Stylistically 'Ingress' sits as a connecting piece between the space, sci-fi and ancient mythology themes of four of my most recent collages, 'Ye Gods', 'The Scintillation', 'Moon Maker' and 'Mystery', and a collage I finished earlier in the year called 'Snooker'. The latter collage pieces together collaged cuttings of landscapes – fields, rivers, lakes, hills and beaches etc – and also features an arm descending from the sky. I love cut and pasting different sections of landscapes to create something new and vivid. With Ingress I had two landscapes, that whilst very different seemed to fit intriguingly well alongside each other. Those two cuttings launched things and before long I had the idea of creating some kind of intergalactic opening (or ‘Ingress’!) amidst the British countryside. The electrical shocks or lightening are actually a photo of ‘ectoplasm’ from a hardback book I have all about ‘mysteries and the unexplained’. The hedge trimmer wielding man and his ladder was the finishing touch and adds a nice tongue in cheek feel – and along with the hand takes a bit of inspiration from the work of Eugenia Loli and Terry Gilliam.

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