'Killers' - original collage

Dunstan Doodles

'Killers' - original collage

'Killers' collage (2017)

23.5 cm long x 21cm wide - Magazine collage and pens.

Only available as an original piece (mounted on card - in a black frame).

I love flicking through old copies of National Geographic magazines and hardbacked wildlife and science books. The idea of creating surreal collages off the back of my enjoyment is always alluring, and I'll be experimenting lots over the coming months. Sometimes it feels strangely ritualistic cutting up old magazines and books - something bordering on the sacrilegious, but I love cutting out odd images and backgrounds and bringing them together to create something off kilter and new. It seems to please my brain. This particular collage mixes up cuttings from Vogue, an antiques guide, an encyclopedia on insects and a wildlife book. It has a kind of happy apocalypse feel to it I think. As with all my collages on this site only the original is available to buy.

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