'Jimi Hendrix' print

Dunstan Doodles

'Jimi Hendrix' print

Jimi Hendrix portrait (2018)

From my 'Psych Icons' collection.

Original A3 in size - Inks, pencils, marbled wrapping paper, coloured and gold embossed card.

High-quality A3 giclee prints available on FS Platinum Etching paper. 

Limited edition run of 50. All prints signed and numbered.

Original portrait also available. Email dunstancarter(at)gmail.com for details.

I've been wanting to do a Jimi Hendrix portrait for ages now and the 'Psych Icons' collection gave me the perfect chance to finally get around to it. One of my all time favourite artists is Mati Klarwein, who amongst other things, designed the album covers for Miles Davis' Bitches Brew, Osabisa's Heads, Santana's Abraxas, and Buddy Miles' A Message To The People. There's something about his paintings that totally embodies the expansive, visually arresting and surrealistic air of psychedelia. Anyway, he designed an album cover for Jimi Hendrix that was never used due to Hendrix's sudden death in 1970 (it did see the light of day as a cover on a posthumous single in 1974 though). It was a portrait of Hendrix and in it he has bright red fire for hair as his disembodied, but joyfully floating head hovers in some long grass. It's an image of Hendrix that's always stuck with me and it inspired the red hair in this portrait, which I created using some wrapping paper that has beautiful veins of marbled gold running through it. The gold necklaces were fun to do and involved illustrating and cutting gold embossed card, which on the original gives off a beautiful shimmer. As usual the source photo was key to the piece too. There are a lot of portraits of Hendrix based on 3 or 4 photos of him, so I wanted something slightly different, that showed his vibrant personality but also his gentle nature. A3 prints of the portrait are also available in a white 20 x 16" mount and/or framed in a 20 x 16" black frame. 

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