'Steve Hillage' print

Dunstan Doodles

'Steve Hillage' print

Steve Hillage portrait (2018)

From my 'Psych Icons' collection.

Original A3 in size - Inks, pencils, coloured and marbled card.

High-quality A3 giclee prints available on FS Platinum Etching paper. 

Limited edition run of 30. All prints signed and numbered.

Original portrait also available. Email dunstancarter(at)gmail.com for details.

Steve Hillage is one of the slightly lesser known names in this collection but fans of his work are often die-hard disciples. He might be sat on the outer reaches of psychedelia but fans of Gong, Egg, his solo work in the 70's and even his stuff with Ozric Tentacles, know him as a true visonary and psychedelic prog-rock pioneer. When it came to working on the portrait, Hillage's hair and beard were really enjoyable to do and had me in a trance after working on them for a few hours late one night. I designed his bright psychedelic shirt with a marbling kit and some thick watercolour paper I've had lying around gathering dust. It was an enjoyable hour of ink swirling and really catches the eye. And speaking of eyes, it'll follow you around the room - but not in a creepy way, more in a 'psychedelic guardian angel watching over you' type way, I promise. A3 prints of the portrait are also available in a white 20 x 16" mount and/or framed in a 20 x 16" black frame. 

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