Christmas 2017 cards (packs of 2, 5 and 6 available)

Dunstan Doodles

Christmas 2017 cards (packs of 2, 5 and 6 available)

Christmas Cards (2017)

A5 in size - printed on 350gsm laminated silk card.

Available as a pair of cards or as a pack of five (all one design) or a pack of six (three of each design).

This year I thought it was about time I made some Christmas cards to sell on the site. Many years ago, back in my high school days I used to design Christmas cards every year - either peculiar, quirky little things or humour based stuff to make my friends and family chuckle - they were my first proper designs of any kind. I've designed two cards this year. The first features a couple of festive seals and the second depicts Santa's final text before he heads off to deliver everyone's pressies. The cards can be bought in packs of two (one of each design or two of either), five (five of one design) or six (three of each design). In the new year I'll be putting some birthday cards together too - watch this space!