Dead Captain - The Fear CD single cover and web artwork

Work Portfolio Piece, Not for sale
Dead Captain - The Fear CD single cover and web artwork
Cover design for Dead Captain's 'The Fear' single (2017)

7" x 7" - inks, magazine collage and Photoshop

This design was put together for a Halloween themed single release. As is often the case with my work I wanted to combine illustration with collage and wanted something peculiar and slightly unsettling. The hare-man's pose in the piece is inspired by the Jack Torrance character in Stanley Kubrick's film version of The Shining. The idea of using a hare's head came whilst flicking through a nature book as the photo seemed startled, intense and perturbing. I then hunted for a background photo / cutting that'd show a house out in the country - to add in the theme of isolation and innocence that seems so popular in horror films. I found this particular shot in a Book of Britain put together by the AA and everything about it felt right, from the colours to the layout. Since releasing the single the band have received great feedback regarding the art.

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