'Giant' (from Alligator Snaps)

Work Portfolio Piece, Not for sale
'Giant' (from Alligator Snaps)

'Giant' illustration for 'Alligator Snaps: Poems For Children' (2014) 

A4 in size - Inks, pencils, felt tip pens and chalk.

The layout and idea for this illustration popped into my head almost immediately after reading the poem for the first time. I wanted to depict the age old hideous and scary, but sad and melancholic look of the classic giant, pulling in inspiration from Jack & The Beanstalk, The Selfish Giant and The BFG. Children seem to like the awkward eye contact between the giant and the stranger who inadvertently finds himself on the end of his huge club. Friends ask me if I based the giant's doughy physique on my own curvy figure, but I tend to just frown at them and change the subject.

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