'Janis Joplin' print

Dunstan Doodles

'Janis Joplin' print

Janis Joplin portrait (2018)

From my 'Psych Icons' collection.

Original A3 in size - Inks, pencils, book cuttings, coloured, marbled and textured card.

High-quality A3 giclee prints available on FS Platinum Etching paper. 

Limited edition run of 50. All prints signed and numbered.

Original portrait also available. Email dunstancarter(at)gmail.com for details.

This Janis Joplin portrait took quite a while to do. It had a gestation period of about four months as I hunted for the right kind of photographs or book clippings for the fur on her jacket and hat. I bought a big polar bear book and then noticed that a lot of the time polar bears have this really 'pissy' or dirty look across their fur. Anyway, that wasn't going to work. Then one day in a local charity shop I stumbled across a big hardback book all about different kinds of cats. One ever so slightly psychedelic ginger cat caught my eye and that became Janis's fur lined jacket and hat. Her shirt is a cutting from a book that had a huge, lovely photo of some giant patchwork cloth in India. The jewel on her necklace came from an antiques book I have and her hair is a sheet of marbled burgundy card. I had a lot of fun bringing together all the collaged elements in this portrait and I used a source photo that really captured her attitude. Janis seemed very playful in a lot of the photos you see of her, but I wanted something a bit more 'ballsy' to match that guttural bluesy growl of hers. A3 prints of the portrait are also available in a white 20 x 16" mount and/or framed in a 20 x 16" black frame. 

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