'Micky P Kerr' album cover design #2

Work Portfolio Piece, Not for sale
'Micky P Kerr' album cover design #2

Cover artwork for Micky P Kerr's new triple album collection - Part 2: 'An Album Of Spoken Word' (2015)

21cm x 21cm in size - Inks, pencils and Photoshop.

For the second part of Micky P Kerr's triple album, 'Kerr In The Kommunity' I wanted something a bit more sombre, but still funny. Micky has a bit of a 'lost sheep' look to him, he's the kind of chap that can get lost for a few days and turn up on a park bench rambling incoherently, so I went with the idea of him in a hospital gown, lost in an alleyway at night. I wanted something slightly off-beat that would raise curiosity levels and make folk want to explore Micky's stuff. Maybe his appearances on 2018's Britain's Got Talent will help with that too!

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