'The Big Lebowski' print

Dunstan Doodles

'The Big Lebowski' print

The Big Lebowski (2017)

A3 in size - Inks, pencils, wood effect card, self adhesive film and coloured card.

Signed and numbered edition of 40.

Available as a high quality giclee print on matt-finish smooth rag paper.

Original cut and paste illustration also available to buy - email me at dunstancarter(at)gmail.com for info.

The Big Lebowski is not only my favourite Coen Brothers movie, it's one of my all time favourite films full stop. Most comedy films, old and new, tend to be pretty basic. I love comic actors like Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Danny McBride and Sacha Baron Cohen, but their films do tend to keep it simple - here's an odd character, here's his strange journey, let's laugh. The Big Lebowski's different, it's huge and sprawling, packed with bizarre characters and countless diversions. When it came out in 1998 it completely and utterly blew me away. It was one of the funniest things I'd ever seen, and a truly, truly great movie too. Anyway, for the past 4 years I've kept saying to myself I'm going to get round to some kind of homage - something I'd want hanging in my home. But something always came up, or I got distracted, or got busy, there was always an excuse... until last month. I toyed around with lots of different ideas, like the three main characters as bowling pins or The Dude blowing smoke rings with Donny, Walt, Jesus and Maude's faces in. Then, I ignored all the quirky ideas and just kept it simple, the main charcaters overlapping each other with a bowling lane in the background. And I purposefully kept the whole thing text free. There are plenty of alternative movie posters out there with cast lists and movie titles on, so I thought, 'why not keep it simple?'

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