'Samurai Fish Warrior' - original collage

Dunstan Doodles

'Samurai Fish Warrior' - original collage

Samurai Fish Warrior collage (2012)

A4 in size - Magazine / book collage.

Only available as an original piece (mounted on card, in a black frame).

This surreal, A4 sized collage is still the best collage I've done five years after finishing it. The source images come from a handful of National Geographic magazines I bought on a whim from a second hand shop, and the samurai body came from an an old hardback book I stumbled across at another charity shop. It's ended up with a bit of a psychedelic look to it which was at least half intentional when I started bringing the images together. I wanted bold colours and an odd humour about it. It's simplicity is kind of what makes it. I've had it up on the wall ever since I finished it.

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