'Snooker' - original collage

Dunstan Doodles

'Snooker' - original collage

Snooker (2017)

A2 in size - Magazine / book collage.

Only available as an original piece (mounted on hardboard in a black frame).

I've been wanting to cut and paste a fantasy landscape for a few months now. Over the past year I've been buying lots of nature and wildlife books from charity shops and the idea first crept into my head in the early summer. The first task was to find the right landscape cuttings - chunks that were similarly lit and luscious. I didn't want things to perfectly fit though. The aim was to create something akin to a filmic dream. The kind you wake up from and feel befuddled after. Something that initially seems vaguely real but upon closer inspection and thought is odd and gently wrong. The idea to turn the landscape into a huge snooker table for some kind of deity up high to play on came half way through the piece. I've always been a huge fan of Terry Gilliam's Monty Python art, so that was definitely an inspiration. I've also been reading and watching odd bits and bobs of comedy sci-fi (mainly Grant Naylor and Douglas Adams stuff like Red Dwarf and Dirk Gently) so I think a bit of that crept into my head too. As is the norm with my magazine / book collages this piece is only available as an original A2 piece mounted on mountboard. 

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