'The Haiku Zoo' sample illustration #3

Work Portfolio Piece, Not for sale
'The Haiku Zoo' sample illustration #3

Illustration for 'The Haiku Zoo: Book One' (2017)

A4 in size - Inks, pencils and magazine collage

Here's another page from the book I illustrated for the author, Mark Watson. We both wanted to throw a little Trump jibe into the mix once Mark had written this particular haiku:

If he was a man
I think he'd be president
with big wavy hair

Then this particular tongue in cheek illustration popped into my head. The simple idea being that it's one the parents can have a wry smile at as they read the book with their kids. This particular page has just a touch of collage on it but I made sure to keep the style and approach consitent throughout the process and the main lion's become a really popular character with children who've read the book.

You can buy a copy of 'The Haiku Zoo' here

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