'The Scintillation' - original collage

Dunstan Doodles

'The Scintillation' - original collage

The Scintillation (2018)

A3 in size - Magazine / book collage.

Only available as an original piece (on mountboard, in a white mount and a black frame).

The Scintillation collage came straight after Ye Gods. I took exactly the same approach but I decided early on that I wanted something slightly more detailed. The cuttings come from old books with themes as diverse as Western America, climate change, outer space, American Politics, the Golden Age of Hollywood and UFO sightings. The main difference between the two collages is that whereas with Ye Gods I wanted to blend tribal and mythological imagery with science fiction, with The Scintillation I wanted to warp American imagery with an other-worldly oddness and mystery, whilst keeping the sci-fi feel. It's one of my favourite pieces to date.

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